20LBS Down!


Since I decided to start juicing at the start of December, it's been a huge jump start for my weight loss, I've now lost in total 20lbs and have 14lbs to go. I decided to get to 10.5lbs and start focusing on my toning. I don't want to get any lower than 136lbs so at 140lbs I will feel satisfied. It's the weight I was at before it started to just pile on.

I've started every morning with this yoga routine:

I do still juice, in between meals or as a meal replacement. Always eat breakfast and dinner and I do allow myself to cheat here and there but not as often as I use to as I've got use to moderation and knowing my limits and I'm very satisfied with my progress. I tried weight watchers, slimming world but juicing was the best kick start for my weight loss!

Strive for progress, not perfection.

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2 Comments so far to '20LBS Down!'

  1. Inspired! i've been doing my juicing but only lost 4lbs - but it's something, so I continue...

    1. I lost 5 lbs on my juicing but it's a great kick start! So don't say but only cos that's a good start and just continue and adjust it to what works well for you! :) Congrats xo