20LBS Down!


Since I decided to start juicing at the start of December, it's been a huge jump start for my weight loss, I've now lost in total 20lbs and have 14lbs to go. I decided to get to 10.5lbs and start focusing on my toning. I don't want to get any lower than 136lbs so at 140lbs I will feel satisfied. It's the weight I was at before it started to just pile on.

I've started every morning with this yoga routine:

I do still juice, in between meals or as a meal replacement. Always eat breakfast and dinner and I do allow myself to cheat here and there but not as often as I use to as I've got use to moderation and knowing my limits and I'm very satisfied with my progress. I tried weight watchers, slimming world but juicing was the best kick start for my weight loss!

Strive for progress, not perfection.

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...it's fantastic!

Monday 6th January, that's where it all began, me and my friend decided last year I think around November to go for these classes as she saw the advert on Groupon, so we got 4 classes + 1 free for £17 which was a big discount. Driving up a little early to Milton Keynes we had a little incident finding the place, which gave me the opportunity to go and speak to a very cute guy. We was in the mixed ability class, which I kind of enjoyed it, you'd think everyone being beginners would be better but it was good to see the others who were at different levels all in one room and Pippa managed to teach us all well within that hour.

I mean we've watched Nicole "The Pole" Williams go at it:

and damn son, doesn't she make it look easy - let me tell you NOW, it is not but once you get the practice going and begin to get the hand and feet going it starts to get 'easier'. Your lifting your entire body up and some so your using a lot of upper body strength but I was surprised to find as I kept doing it how I got use to it.

We had a good warm up and started to learn how to move around the pole, push down and up with our shoulders, flip ourselves forward and three spins, we learnt the three spins too - a fun dance routine and a cool down. Pippa was ah-ma-zing, funny, engaging, helpful and all around a perfect instructor. (Pippa is on the right hand side)

Bottom line - try it out, find a studio near you, see if they offer a class free to see if it's your cup of tea and get to swinging and enjoy it!

Even though I'm bruised up & sore today it's one of those good feelings that yes I've done something good, worked those muscles that needed it. I spoke to a fellow poler and she said to me, 'I'm dark and I was bruising for like the first 6 weeks, Your skin will get use to it' At least I'm not the only one getting pole kisses!

Visit Polenastics if your around the surrounding area!

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Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker


I was lucky enough to win this earlier this year from Sandra The Black Pearl Blog and it's something I use daily, it's the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker. It attaches to my trousers or bra and tracks my every step, calorie and distance but let me give it a run down - above it shows the standby screen - a smiley face. You change the screen by tapping it with your finger.

Weight Watchers Newbie!


I started weight watchers today, after a lot of umming and ahhing and then getting a positive talk from Stephanie from Nerd about Town. I just went for it. I signed up this morning. Knowing that my food is the thing I need to control, I was startled when it gave me the 'small task' of dropping my weight to 11 stone 12lbs, shouldn't be hard but I haven't been in the 11 stone aisle in such a long time. I must say it scared me yet it's realistic, when I view how much I want to lose overall I get impatient that it's not happening quick enough. So today is the first day, see how this works for me in one month and then I'll decide if I want to stick with Weight Watchers. I think losing weight is hard for anyone if you're 20 stone or 13 stone, sometimes finding that motivation is hard and you need a push.

Knowing what my downfall is, my addiction to cheese could be compared to that of crack. It's my food so this lady is lacking of discipline, I lost 2 lbs last week probably jumping around to music and keeping busy but there was a lack of exercise routine, it gave me that push to say - "Girl, if you dropped some lbs just twerking and acting a Miley Cyrus fool..what could you do when you actually push yourself!?"

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